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“AFCC is the premier international and interdisciplinary association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict. AFCC’s mission is to provide family court connected professionals with tools to design and to create the best possible programs and services for families. AFCC’s members include judicial officers, attorneys, mediators, guardians, parenting coordinators, evaluators, mental health providers, researchers, academics, court administrators, and public policy makers. Members strive to work collaboratively to improve Ohio’s domestic relations, juvenile and probate courts.

The goal of the Ohio Chapter is to validate and to implement AFCC’s mission. To meet this goal the Ohio Chapter will provide leadership, training, and education about current research, innovative programs, and best practices to help members achieve the best possible outcomes for children and families. Collaboration with other organizations is also an important focus for the Chapter. This website will provide notice and updates about upcoming workshops and conferences. Another goal is to direct members to resources that help them improve their practice. We look forward to moving to meeting the important goals of the Chapter and to serving our members.”

– Magistrate Rosalind Florez
President, AFCC Ohio Chapter

About Us


The Ohio Chapter of AFCC was founded in 2014 as a collaboration of judges, magistrates, attorneys, mental health professionals, and dispute resolution experts to encourage membership of local professionals to the parent organization, to provide to-notch local training opportunities, and to improve the network of professionals committed to the well-being of families and children.

Commitment to Mission and Vision Statement

Through multi-disciplinary education events and collaborative projects, the Chapter works to improve the Ohio justice system to improve access to services that improve the lives of families.

Upcoming Events


2020 Ohio AFCC Annual Conference
Moving Beyond Intractable: Working Successfully with Entrenched Litigants

April 7, 2020
Columbus, OH

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AFCC 57th Annual Conference
When a Child Rejects a Parent: Are We Part of the Problem or the Solution?

May 27-30, 2020
New Orleans, Louisana